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Title: 試由「文評論」探析陳秀明《東坡文談錄》之學術價值
Authors: 李慕如
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 進入唐宋八家研究,已虛越寒暑十載,於蘇軾(東坡)之探研亦逾六年。惟於元代陳秀明《東坡文談錄》(以下簡稱《文談錄》)或偶一見之。幸經王師更生悉心指引,乃專心投入鑽研,先作〈試由「文術論」探析陳秀明《東坡文談錄》之學術貢獻〉(已發表於本刊上期),此文乃其續編。本文之作,試基於《文心雕龍》〈時序〉〈才略〉〈程器〉〈知音〉各篇所言之批評論點,以言著作背景之「知人論世」,作家之品德修為,作品之以「六觀」評騭。本文即分由「人評東坡」「東坡評人」兩部分,以衡論《文談錄》能否合乎「平理若衡,照辭如鏡」?又於我文學批評之學術價值貢獻為何?
The writer has been devoting for more than one decade to studying on the Eight Great Men of Letters in Tang and Sung Dynasties. Among which the writer especially had extensive studies on Su Shih, except 《Collected Edition of literary Criticism on Su Shih》, authored by Cheng Hsiu-ming (陳秀明) of the Yun Dynasty (therunder referred as "The Collected Edition by Cheng"). Later on, the writer was fortunately instructed by her mentor, Mr. Wong Keng-sheng (王更生), who directed her to review the Collected Edition by Cheng. Now the writer has completed two pieces of Comments on 《Collected Edition of Literary Criticism on Su Shih》 respectively. The first one--"Evaluation of its Literary Contribution Based on Composition Techniques"--was published on this journal in previous volume. And this article--"Evaluation of its Literary Value Based on Literary Criticism"--is the second one. This article is according to discourses from 《The Literary Mind and te Carving of Dragons》, which asserted that a criticism must be developed from three aspects: (1) to explore the author's background; (2) to review the author's moral character; and (3), to evaluate a composition by six criteria. The writer intends to evalaute the Collected Edition by Cheng from two aspects; namely "Those who criticize Su Shih" and "Those whom criticized by Su Shih". Accordingly, the writer will be able to comment if te Collected Edition matching the criteria as asserted by 《The Literary Mind and the Carving of Dragons》; that is, "to weigh the logicality and the mirror the rhetoric of a composition.
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