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Title: 梁啟超對整理國故之理論與實踐:以經學為論述重心
Other Titles: Theory and Practice of the Reorganization about Cultural Heritage of Liang Qichao
Authors: 張政偉
Chang, Cheng-wei
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 梁啟超在1919年以前大抵是抱持「中學為體,西學為用」的觀點,面對國學與西學之間的關係。1918年12月梁啟超赴歐洲考察遊歷,親眼目睹戰火摧殘後的歐洲,也初步瞭解工業文明與資本主義的缺陷,積極反思西學的侷限。梁啟超思想至此發生重大轉變,開始質疑西方物質文明,在學術上傾向回歸傳統的路線。1919年之後國故整理思潮逐漸走向激化之際,梁啟超沒有積極參與,反而主張對西方科學或學術有限度的支持,鼓勵學者發揚東方思想的精粹,這讓梁啟超被劃入國故整理運動中的「保守派」。1922年梁啟超發表〈治國學的兩條大路〉,指出研究國學的兩個途徑:「文獻的學間,應該用客觀的科學方法去研究;德性的學問,應該用內省的和躬行的方法去研究。」並且強調專題史、學術史寫作的重要性。之後梁啟超對經學的研究與論述,大致上朝史料的運用與學術史的寫作方向進行。梁啟超對經學的研究由早年與西學比附,至視經學為材料,再至撰寫學術史以闡明前人經學研究之成果,最後通述《儒家哲學》,嘗試義理論題開展。一層轉進一層,逐漸加深。由學術方法與觀點來看,梁啟超與西學越來越遠,卻與中國傳統學術越來越近。
Before 1919, Liang Qichao believed the tradition academic was the core, the West academic may used. He visited to Europe in December, 1918.He saw the destruction in Europe for the war, started to pay attention to the shortcoming of the industry civilization and the capitalism, and started to ponder the limit of Western academic.Therefore the Liang Qichao thought had the significant transformation,and returned to the tradition. After 1919, the intense criticism of traditional culture opinion were appeared unceasingly, Liang Qichao encouraged the scholar to develop the Eastern thoughts. Liang Qichao regard as the conservative faction scholars for this.In 1922, Liang Qichao said the tradition academic should move towards the literature the research and the moral research.And he emphasized the importance of the history of learning. In the academic method and the viewpoint , Liang Qichao received the West academic influence to be more and more low, moves towards the Chinese tradition knowledge gradually.
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