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Title: 探析明代「詼諧寓言」所反映的儒林現象
Other Titles: The Humorous Fables in Previous Dynasties are about the Part of Ridiculing Confucian and Civil Servant Xamination
Authors: 王奕然
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 觀歷代詼諧寓言,暗含諷刺意味者甚多,如《笑贊‧題詞》所言,可以「談名理」、「通世故」。譏斥的現象甚多,在本文中,筆者探討的焦點有二,一是針對理學而發者,一是針對科舉而發者。
Observing banter fables in previous dynasties, we found some are humorous works purely, some are implication satire mean. In this paper, we will choose banter fables in Ming Dynasty, and discuss the part of ridiculing Confucian. The focal points are in view of Confucianism and examination system in Ming Dynasty.
Other Identifiers: E6C070B1-F840-64F4-0476-559BED6C96A3
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