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Title: 文淵閣本《四庫全書》謄繪人名錄與辨析
Other Titles: An Analysis and Scribe Roster of the Wen Yuan Pavilion Si Ku QuanShu
Authors: 黃明理
Huang, Ming-li
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《四庫全書》編纂成書,是清乾隆朝空前偉大的文化事業。自原本構想鈔存四份圖書,到後來增添二部《薈要》、加寫三份貯置南方,首尾都是出於手寫,動用的謄錄人員數以千計。早期的四份《全書》與《薈要》,謄錄者基本上是國子監的生員,朝廷允諾事成論功授官,他們可說是以謄書替代入仕考試的低階官員預備人才,身分與一般的書傭寫手大不相同。這群謄錄人雖然姓名隨書登載,但甚少受到重視,上世紀七十年代曾有學者自《薈要》中整理出謄錄人姓名,然數量仍不及全數的三分之一。本論文乃以影印文淵閣《四庫全書》為本,蒐羅匯集近三千個謄錄人名,進行辨析比對,編為名錄,期望提高謄錄者的能見度,表彰他們在《四庫全書》成書上的貢獻;再者提供後繼研究的可能性,以擴大四庫學的研究範疇。
The compilation of Si Ku QuanShu(四庫全書) during the reign of the Qing Dynasty's Qianlong emperor was an unprecedented and great cultural undertaking. The original plan to produce four copies of the anthology was later expanded to include two copies of the Hui Yao excerpts collection, and three other full copies to be housed in the South. It took thousands of copyists to transcribe the works by hand. Those who transcribed the original four copies and the Hui Yao were mostly Imperial College scholars who were promised official positions upon completion of the project. Since they essentially became low-level officials by merit of transcribing the works, instead of passing the imperial exam, their status was quite different from that of a general copyist. The names of these transcribers were published along with the anthology, but this was largely ignored. In the 1970s, a group of scholars sorted out the names of the Hui Yao transcription team, adding up to less than a third of the total number of scribes. This dissertation draws on a photocopied version of the Wen Yuan pavilion (文淵閣) copy of the Si Ku QuanShu as its source, conducting a comparative analysis of nearly three thousand names and compiling a scribe roster. It is hoped that this will result in greater visibility and recognition of the Si Ku QuanShu transcription team's contribution to this project, furthermore providing future possibilities for research and expanding the scope of Si Ku studies as an academic discipline.
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