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Title: 論辭章章法四大律
Authors: 黃淑貞
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 辭章章法的四大律,由陳師滿銘所提出。由於章法是「客觀的存在」,且建立在「二元(陰陽、剛柔)對待」的基礎之上,藉以安排一篇辭章的情、理、景(物)、事等材料,以對應於自然規律,故自是合乎秩序、變化、聯貫、統一的要求。前人對此雖也曾留下十分豐碩的研究成果,但直至陳師滿銘提出章法的四大律,確定它的範圍、內容及原則,為之加以申論、印證,始形成一較有體系的研究。本文即以秩序、變化、聯貫、統一等四大律為理論基礎,分從傳統文評論著中蒐尋相關資料,一一梳理目前所整理出來的近四十種章法,並統合實際例證加以論述,期能為辭章學的深耕與拓展,略盡棉薄之力。
“The four rules” in the writing organization is researched out by professor Man-Ming Chen (Department of Chinese Literature, National Taiwan Normal University). Generally speaking, the writing organization is established on “duality treatment”, and be used for arranging the writing material of poetries and prose. Especially, it can echo with the natural regularity. So, the writing organization is very appropriate to order, change, consistency and unification. Former scholars have already left a very abundant research. Until the professor Chen brings up “The four rules” in the writing organization, ascertains its range, content and principle, so that establish a integral system research. The article is based on the order, change, consistency and unification, and some relative data was searched from the traditional text theory.
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