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Title: 馬光早年仕履及《古文孝經指解》初進時間考疑
Other Titles: A Critical Study of Sima Guang’s Early Political Career and the Year of his First Submission of Guwen xiaojing zhijie
Authors: 梁思樂
Leung, Sze-lok
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 司馬光是宋代名臣,前人多注意他的政治影響及其史學鉅著《資治通鑑》。有關他的早年仕履,尚存疑點。司馬光將《古文孝經指解》獻給仁宗的時間,更是眾說紛紜。其實,《古文孝經指解》的書序結銜與進書表,均為後人留下關鍵線索。本文先釐清司馬光早年仕履的疑點,包括召試館閣校勘的時間,出任史館檢討、集賢校理的問題,以及赴任鄆州通判的時間。其次,本文將回顧前人對司馬光初進《古文孝經指解》的見解,探討各種說法的得失。最後,本文會以上述討論為基礎,利用書序結銜與進書表的內容,論證《古文孝經指解》初進於皇祐五年。
Sima Guang was a famed official in the Song Dynasty. Despite much research on his political influence and his historical magnum opus Zizhi tongjian, a great many gaps in his early political career remain to be filled. Also, scholars are deeply divided over the year when he presented Guwen xiaojing zhijie to Emperor Renzong. Fortunately, clues can be found in the preface to Guwen xiaojing zhijie and Sima Guang’s memorial to the Emperor on the submission of this interpretive work on the Classic of Filial Piety. This article first gives clarifications on issues regarding Sima Guang’s early political career, for instance, the year he was appointed as Proofreader in the Academy, questions about his services as Examining Editor in Historiography Institute and Subeditor in Academy of Scholarly Worthies, and the year he took office as Controller-general of Yunzhou. What follows is a review of the literature upon the year of first submission of Guwen xiaojing zhijie. Based on these publications and an analysis of the foregoing preface and memorial, this article will reach the conclusion that Guwen xiaojing zhijie was first submitted to the Emperor in 1053.
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