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Title: 王處一心性修持理論研究
Other Titles: Research on Wang Chuyi's Xin and Xing Practice Theory
Authors: 林庭宇
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以王處一思想之探究為主題,試圖由其作品中,考察其心性修持理論,以見其修道理論之核心,展現其思想樣貌,希望藉此對早期全真道思想的發展有更全面的理解與掌握。首先,筆者先探討王處一的修道目標,發現其透過對道體的闡發,建立「道本虛無」的根本理論核心,進而追求「合道登真」的得道境界。其次,為了要達成此一修道目標,王處一復確立吾人皆秉道性之理論基礎,亦即人皆有同於道體之本源真性,由此而完成「恢復本來面目」即能歸復道體、與道合真之理論建構。最後,王處一認為本然靈明之性乃由心而顯,故修持之主體即在吾人本源清淨之心,能復其本來清淨,即是歸復道體,以此完成其心性修持理論。
The research on Wang Chuyi’s thoughts is the theme of the paper. I try to make a survey of Wang Chuyi’s xin and xing practice theory from his works to see the nucleus of his Dao-practicing theory and to manifest his thoughts, hoping to have more all-round comprehension of the development of the early Quanzhenjiao thoughts.First of all, I discuss Wang Chuyi’s Dao-practicing destination, finding that through the preach of Daoti, Wang establishes the nucleus of his fundamental theory that “the real nature of Dao is emptiness”, and further pursues the state of “associating ourselves with Dao to achieve Zhen.”Secondly, to achieve the Dao-practicing destination, Wang Chuyi also firmly establishes the theoretical foundation that all human beings hold Daoxing. That is, everyone has the original xing, which is the same as Daoti. With the theory, Wang Chuyi accomplishes the theoretical establishment of “recovering original face(benlai mianmu)” meaning returning to Daoti as well as “associating ourselves with Dao to achieve Zhen.”Eventually, Wang Chuyi thinks that xing is shown by xin. Consequently, the essence of practice is our original xin.Recovering the peace of xin is returning to Daoti. With the notions Wang Chuyi accomplishes his xin and xing practice theory.
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