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Title: 雷思齊易學中的宇宙觀
Other Titles: The Cosmology of Lei Siqi’s Yi-tology
Authors: 林庭宇
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要針對雷思齊易學中的宇宙觀進行探討,以展現其宇宙生成理論的獨特面貌。首先略述其人與撰作,其次闡述雷氏易學的核心——河圖之學,說明雷氏的河圖之學迥異於河洛之爭的任何一方,而是提出自己獨特的河圖理論。雷氏並以此為理論基礎建構出一完整的宇宙論體系,由數的變化開始探討,終而顯現其本於道家之學的義理特色。最後,本文再進一步深入探究由雷氏易學宇宙觀所延伸的相關問題,包括對「立極於一」的主張以及其體用妙運的觀點。
This article mainly discusses the Cosmology of Lei Siqi's Yi-tology and shows the specialty of his cosmological development theory. In the first place, it gives a brief introduction of Lei Siqi and his works, explaining that the central concept of his Yi-tology is He tu's theory. Yet Lei's He tu theory is different from the two of He luo zhi zheng; they all have their own theories though. Next, it explains that the Cosmology based on this central concept begins with the changes of figures, showing that his theory is on the basis of Dao jia’s theory. Lastly, it deeply talks about the related questions in terms of the Cosmology of his Yi-tology, including the opinion on Li ji yu yi and the perspective on his Ti yong miao yun.
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