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Title: 從周、柳慢詞的比較以見周邦彥的創作傾向
Authors: 黃雅莉
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 在宋代的詞壇上,柳永與周邦彥二人都為慢詞的發展作出了重大的貢獻,且二人之間表現出一脈相承的關係。他們的慢詞有相似之處,然而,在內容題材、表現手法、風格特徵、語言藝術等方面,又各有差異。歷來對二人的論著屬多,但對於二人之間慢詞的繼承發展與異同,卻少人提及。本文以此著眼,對二人的慢詞進行比較,以了解宋詞的發展線索,目的在彰顯周邦彥的創作傾向。
In the history of Sung-Tsu (宋詞), both of Yeong Liu and Pang-Yen Chou had contributed prominently to the development of Man-Tsu (慢詞) and were all derived from the same origin of lineage. Although their Man-Tsus are similar to each other, the style of writing, the performance of artistry, the distinctive features and the linguistic talent are not identical. Previous works paid much attention to their works of Tsu, however, the inheritance, the enhancement and the differences and similarities between their Man-Tsu remain undiscovered. This article intends to compare and contrast their Man-Tsu to realize the development of Sung Tsu and to reveal the artistic style and trend of Pang-Yen Chou.
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