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Title: 篇章內容、形式包孕關係探論
Other Titles: The Content and the Form of Writing: In Respect of the "Multiple, Binary and Unitary (Zero)" Spiral Structure
Authors: 陳滿銘
Issue Date: Sep-2010
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 辭章的內涵主要含綜合思維的「風格」、「主題」(整體意象,即義旨、材料)、邏輯思維的「章法」、「文法」與形象思維的「修辭」、「詞彙」、「個別意象」。其中的「個別意象」、「詞彙」與「文法」,主要屬於「字句」範疇;而「章法」、「主題」(含義旨與材料)與「風格」,主要屬於「篇章」範疇。如果捨「字句」而就「篇章」,探討其「內容」與「形式」,則「主題」(含義旨與材料)與「風格」為其「內容的內容」,而「章法」則為其「內容的形式」,這可用多二一(0)螺旋結構切入作深入之探討,以見兩者彼此包孕的關係。
The intension of a literary work consists of the complex thinking for its style, the motif for its whole image (i.e., subject matter and material), the logic thinking for its organization, grammar and formative thinking for its rhetoric, vocabulary and individual image. The individual image, vocabulary and grammar are classified into "wording". The organization, motif (including subject matter and material) and style belong to "writing". In terms of writing and regardless of wording, the motif and style present "the content of the subject matter", and the organization presents "the form of subject matter". Such an indivisible relation can be demonstrated by a "multiple, binary and unitary (zero)" spiral structure.
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