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Title: 回顧與前瞻
Authors: 林香伶
Issue Date: Mar-2006
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 南社(1909-1923)在清末民初舊文學過渡到新文學之際,扮演舉足輕重的地位。受限於原典材料缺乏和政治因素,在台灣的南社研究並不盛行;相對而言,彼岸陸續成立南社研究學會、舉行研討會、出版社友著作以及紀念館和名人故居的文物收藏似乎都卓然有成。然而,就在2002年6月,由國際南社學會推手柳無忌先生、柳亞子紀念館前任館長殷安如先生歷經十年,共同編纂的《南社人物傳》出版之後,柳、殷兩老相繼辭世,南社研究自此進入不同的階段,未來發展值得觀察。 整體而言,從1989年香港國際南社學會開始的集體性研究,已面臨消解危機;第一個在大陸成立的南社研究會-中國南社與柳亞子研究會(1990年),也遭遇老成凋謝,人力無以為繼的問題。另一方面,新的南社研究機制則從山東大學孫之梅、湖北大學盧文芸等人逐步開展,分別以架設網站、指導研究生撰著南社研究論文開闢新徑。以往的南社研究,多半由南社後人開創,他們擁有第一手南社資料的優勢,卻因個人情感涉入太深,論述難以客觀;因此,隨著新人才加入南社研究,已累積相當份量的資產後,亟需研究者對過往和未來的南社研究重新省思、定位。 本論文以1980年楊天石、劉彥成合作完成的《南社》開始,截至2004年《柳無忌-教授.學者.詩人》出版為時間斷限,希望對二十多年來的南社研究發展依階段、性質、研究成果分成:草創、奠基、拓殖、新生四期加以論析,試圖提出精闢、中立的評價,前瞻南社未來的研究方向。
Nan Sheh (1909-1923), an unique literature group, play an important role from the old literature of end of China dynasty and beginning of Ming-Kuo of the new literature. There is few research or studies in Taiwan due to the limitation of original information and political factor. Comparison with China, there had successively established the Society, take place many workshops, published many papers, build up the memorial museum and historical relic. Although a book “Biography of Nan Sheh” was published by Liu Wu-Ji in June 2002, the promoter of international Nan Sheh society, and Yin An-Zu, the former manager of Liu Ya-Tzu memorial museum, unfortunated events of Liu Wu-Ji and Yin An-Zu was died one by one recently. The development of Nan Sheh studies enters the different stage; it is worth observing in the future. In fact, the collective studies from Hong Kong international society of Nan Sheh since 1989, have already faced clearing up. In addition, “China Nan Sheh and Liu Ya-Tzu research society”-the first Nan Sheh society in China (1990) had also experienced to manpower withers too. On the other hand, the new Nan Sheh study group launch from Sun Zhi-Mei in Shandong University and Lu Wen-Yun in Hubei University. The development of Nan Sheh studies was used the websites and instructed the graduate student to write the thesis od Nan Sheh. It seems opening up the new way. The past research of Nan Sheh is often studies by the descendant of Nan Sheh. The advantage is that they have the first hand materials, but the worst is also that they have too much personal emotion involves induce difficult objectively; by the new groups has already take many studies of Nan Sheh. It need to study and meditate, making a reservation with the future of Nan Sheh In this paper, we had investigated the development of Nan Sheh studies from the book “Nan Sheh” which was written by Yang Tian-Shi and Liu Yan-cheng in 1980, to the book“Liu Wu-Ji-Professor, scholar and poet” which was published
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