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Title: 試論當代台灣家族書寫中的感官記憶
Authors: 黃宗潔
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文試圖以當代臺灣書寫家族故事的幾部作品為觀察對象,探討文本中有關身體感官的記憶與描寫。身體感官不僅是我們認識世界最原始的方式,也是知覺運作的基礎,而家族故事由於涉及對自身所由來的追尋溯源,勢必回溯到生命初始以前的狀態,因此感官所開展的性、記憶、認同等面向,便融入了家族書寫之中。本文即分別從味覺、嗅覺、觸覺、視覺幾個方向的感官書寫加以討論,藉此瞭解身體感官在建構家族記憶的過程中所扮演的角色。
Maintaining that physical senses not only constitute the foundation of our sensory perception but also enable us to comprehend the world, this paper takes several contemporary Taiwanese family history writings as examples to illustrate how they center on sensory memories. Since family history writings often depart from the subject's questioning of his/her origin, the topics related to physical senses, such as sex/sexuality, memory, and identity, are constantly dealt with in this particular genre. This paper, therefore, will discuss respectively the senses of taste, smell, touch, and sight in family history writings, in the hope of elucidating how physical senses play an important part in the subject's remembrance and construction of his/her family history.
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