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Title: 陳治安探求《莊子》本義的方法
Other Titles: Methodology of Chen Zhi-An Seeking to Original Work in Annotating Zhuangzi
Authors: 簡光明
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《南華真經本義》是明代重要的莊學著作,惟歷來莊學史研究者鮮少以本書為研究對象。陳治安積極收集歷代莊學史資料,只要與莊子有關的文獻,一句都不願遺漏,且認真思考莊學史的各種現象與問題,評論各種對《莊子》解讀之悖謬,形成一套解《莊》的理念,強調註《莊》應探求莊子本義。陳治安認為「人共一心,理無二趣」,註家必須有良好的人品才能正確掌握莊子本義,在註解方法上主張「以莊解莊」,亦即以外雜篇解內篇:以〈達生〉解〈逍遙遊〉,〈寓言〉解〈齊物論〉,〈外物〉解〈養生主〉,取〈山木〉解〈人間世〉,〈田子方〉解〈德充符〉,〈天地〉解〈大宗師〉,〈在宥〉、〈天下〉解〈應帝王〉,其餘各篇可以此類推,參觀互證。惟自宋代蘇東坡提出莊子對孔子陽擠而陰助之說,認為〈讓王〉、〈說劍〉、〈漁父〉、〈盜跖〉為偽作,明代學者多承其說。《莊子》篇章若有偽作,則「以莊解莊」就未必是莊子本義,因此陳治安針對蘇軾的論點一一駁斥,以說明《莊子》是一完整的思想。整體而言,陳治安過度強調註家人品在理解《莊子》的重要性,有「以人廢言」之嫌;從人心之所同設身處地去理解莊子立言的本意,立論無可厚非,問題是:每個註家都自以為掌握莊子本義,思想的詮釋卻大不相同,此外,「以莊解莊」的大方向是可取的,但不代表《莊子》中沒有偽作。雖然陳治安探求《莊子》本義的方法在理論上不是沒有缺失,但他能自覺地反省註《莊》的方法,考察莊學史的發展,詮釋莊子思想亦深刻而有見地,使《南華真經本義》成為明代莊學史的重要著作。
"Zhuang-zi Original meaning" is Ming Dynasty important books, but the researcher is short very much take this book does as the object of study. Chen Zhi-An positively collects each time concerned Zhuang-zi's material, so long as is with the Zhuang-zi related literature, all is not willing to omit.He pondered earnestly related "Zhuang-zi" studies each kind of phenomenon and question, and comments each kind unscrambles "Zhuang-zi" the mistake, finally forms a set explains "Zhuang-zi" the idea, is explains "Zhuang-zi" the time should have to explain the Zhuang-zi originally thought. Chen Zhi-An thought “human's idea is consistent, the truth also may be same”, the illustration person must have the good moral character to be able to grasp the Zhuang-zi original thought.In the illustration method, he interpret "Zhuangzi" by means of "Zhuangzi". For example, interpreting “Enjoyment in Untroubled Ease” by “The Full Understanding of Life”; “The Adjustment of Controversies” by “Metaphorical Language”; “Nourishing the Lord of Life” by “What comes from Without”.Su Dong-po states that“Kings who have wished to resign the Throne”, “Delight in the Sword-fight”, “The Old Fisherman”, and “The Robber Zhi” are all the pseudographs. Afterwards, the next generation have the same opinions as Su’s and further they explain how they are not really created by Zhunagzi from different views: diction, system, thought, etc. "Zhuang-zi" chapter if has the pseudograph, “interpret "Zhuangzi" by means of "Zhuangzi"” not necessarily isZhuang-zi's originally thought.Chen Zhi-An thought "Zhuang-zi" is integrity books, therefore he refutes Su Dong-po's view. Is as for the whole, Chen Zhi-Anoveremphasizes the illustration books person's personality, he thought the moral behavior is not good, the illustration article is unreliable. Chen Zhi-An from the same will of the people understood "Zhuang-zi" original intention, this is good, but has can have the question. Each explains "Zhuang-zi" the human all thou
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