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Title: 論多二一(0)螺旋結構與辭章章法
Other Titles: The "Multiple, Binary, and Unitary (Zero)" Spiral Structure and the Organization of Writing in Literary Works
Authors: 陳滿銘
Issue Date: Sep-2009
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 宇宙萬物之創生、含容,是藉「陰陽二元」在「多樣」與「統一」之間產生互動作用,以至於形成「多二一(0)螺旋結構」的。對此,在中國古代的哲學經典,如《周易》與《老子》裡,都可經由抽絲剝繭,由「潛」而「顯」地找到它們相關的論述。由此可知它們皆屬「普遍性之存在」,而成為方法論原則,自然其適用面就極為廣泛,因此也可落到「辭章章法」這一層面加以驗證。本文即聚焦於此,除探討「多二一(0)之螺旋結構」之形成及其在「辭章章法」上之呈現外,又舉古典散文與詩詞為例作說明,並約略作美學之詮釋,即小見大,以凸顯「多二一(0)螺旋結構」之奧妙。
All things on earth are created by and contained in the “Yin-Yang dualism” that interacts between “diversity” and “unity” and forms a “multiple, binary and single (zero)” spiral structure. The Chinese classics Zhou Yi and Lao Tze had discoursed this relation in a philosophical way. The dualistic interaction generally exits in theoretical systems and becomes a methodological principle. When applying to the “organization of writing”, one can prove its effect on literary works. Accordingly, this article explores the formation of the “multiple, binary and single (zero)” spiral structure and its application to the organization of writing in literary works, making examples of the classic prose and poetry.
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