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Title: 陳子展研究《詩經》方法述評
Other Titles: Chen Zi Zhan’s Research Methods on The Book of Songs
Authors: 史甄陶
Shih, Chen-tao
Issue Date: Sep-2012
Publisher: 國文系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文探討陳子展研究《詩經》的方法。陳子展重視歷代《詩經》的研究成果,尤其是漢代學者及清代漢學家的說法。但是他不贊成《詩經》的教化作用,僅將此書視為文學和歷史的著作。由於受到馬克思主義的影響,他反省「詩教」被建立的過程,也試圖了解不同解說者的論證方式和階級立場,藉以解消《詩經》教化功能的神聖性。
This thesis explores the methods used by Chen Zi Zhan to research the Book of Songs. Chen shown great respect towards ancient researches, especially regarding the teachings from scholars of Han and Qing Dynasty, but he disagreed with the stance to view the Book of Songs as a way to civilize and teach as held by Han and Song scholars. He only viewed the Book of Songs as a literary and historical masterpiece. Influenced by Marxism, Chen reflected upon the creation of the Book of Songs teachings, and tried to understand the proofs and statures of different ideologies, as to remove the sacred stance to view the Book of Songs as the means to civilize and teach.
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