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Title: 方玉潤《詩經原始》析評
Other Titles: Analysis and Comments on Fang Yu-Run "Shi-Jing-Yuan-Shi" : The Core of the Methodology of the Study
Authors: 黃忠慎
Issue Date: Mar-2010
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 方玉潤在《詩經》學史上具有舉足輕重的地位,他極為尊重傳統的《詩》教觀,服膺孔子「思無邪」之語。在解《詩》時,方氏特為重視三百篇的文學藝術價值,強調讀《詩》時「不泥」的必要性,其透過涵泳、諷誦、玩味、體會的讀《詩》法,追尋詩的弦外之音,也確實讀出了許多不同於傳統的詮解內容。不過,方玉潤的解《詩》態度與方法也衍生出了一些問題,而且他在解釋三百篇的過程中,雖然暗示了在追求意義的途徑中讀者的作用,但這種體會式的詮釋法所要求的意義最終仍落實到作者之層面,顯然讀者的創造性作用並非其關照對象。
Fang Yu-Run got a high position in "the Book of Songs" History. He highly respects the traditional educational point of "the Book of Songs", to comply with Confucius 'Thinking Purely' views. Especially his interpretation of "the Book of Songs" emphasis on literature and art for the value. Can not be stressed when you read the Book of Songs and the need to uphold the authority of the argument. Fang Yu-Run trough the reading methods of 'Han Yong', 'Feng Song', interesting, experience, search for deeper meaning of "the Book of Songs", it did receive a number of different from the traditional interpretation of the content. However, Fang Yu-Run to explain the attitude of "the Book of Songs" and methods to produce certain questions. And he explained the process of "the Book of Songs", although the implied reader in the pursuit of meaningful ways to the role, but this type of interpretation of experience, the required significance of the final is still implemented in the author's level, is clearly not the reader's creative role.
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