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Title: 論王昌齡「從軍行」詩的意象經營
Authors: 蒲基維
Issue Date: Sep-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 「意象」是辭章中最重要的部分,抽離「意象」則無法建構完整的文學作品。而一般對於辭章「意象」的研究,多偏於個別意象的探討。本文分析王昌齡「從軍詩」的意象經營,不僅注重傳統個別意象的研究,更專意於意象與意象之間的排列組合,期望尋得王昌齡〈從軍行〉詩的「整體意象」。本文研究發現,歸結〈從軍行〉詩的整體意象,更能契合王昌齡「高闊悲壯」的邊塞詩風。也由此印證,從整體辭章學(含個別意象、詞匯、修辭、文法、章法、主題、風格等範疇)的角度來探索辭章的意象經營,較能掌握其整體藝術風貌,也是值得推展的意象研究方法。
“Image” is essential to achieve the art of writing. Without images, it is impossible to construct a literary work completely. In general, the study of “Images” in literary works had focused on the individual one. This article not only put emphasis on the individual image but also on the arrangement as well as the combination of images as a whole based on the poems <Enlishtment> that the author, Wang Chang-ling, had intended to manage. This article also concludes that the whole image expressed in the pomes of <Enlishtment> is in agreement with the “tragically heroic” mood that Wang Chang-ling had characterized as the style of frontier poetry. Accordingly, it is easier to take a comprehensive picture on the art of writing when exploring the management of images in term of the study of a literary work as a whole (including individual image, terminology, rhetoric, grammar, the organization of writing, theme, style, etc.). On the other hand, this is also a useful approach to engage in the image study.
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