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Title: 出土文獻對《楚辭》校詁之貢獻
Authors: 蘇建洲
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 《楚辭》成於楚地,其中有著不少的楚地方言、名物、地名,自來號稱難讀。在歷代學者的努力下,對於字詞的訓解已取得很大的成績,但同時也產生諸多異文異說。清戴震曾總結出「離詞」、「辨言」、「聞道」這樣一個治學的公式,可見深入探討這些異文異說的確有其必要。近年來,楚簡文獻的大量出土,讓我們可以重新審視這個課題。
Collating and interpretation are the two most basic primary tasks in the study of excavated documents. In this article, I draw on the Chu bamboo documents to discuss problems in the collating and interpretation of Documents on Chuci.
Other Identifiers: 60B6EC70-4CF8-C957-7E93-50C4BB1A8E60
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