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Title: 從人物性格的二重組合談《古詩十九首》
Authors: 林香伶
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以「文學為人學」的理論為基礎,利用人物性格的二重組合重新檢視《古詩十九首》的文學價值。所謂性格的二重組合即是經由性格兩極的排列組合,發掘性格世界中正反脈絡的對立及統一的聯繫。本文將從「主題、人物基型」、「人物性格二重組合公式」、「人物性格二重組合要素」三個方向進行討論,並由讀者角度切入,顯示在《古詩十九首》中展現人類情感的基型及共相。最後,得到合理的中介組合導致《古詩十九首》人物性格經營成功及人類情感的不確定性經由二重性格的對立得到適當表現的兩點結論。
The article is based on the theory of "Literature vs. human", which uses the dual combinations of personal characters to inspect the value of the"19 Ancient Poems". The dual combinations of characters mean to find a connection between the opposite and united threads of characters from the combination of these two totally different natures. The article is mainly discussing "Theme and personality types", "Combinations formula of Dual personal characters", and "The elements of Dual personal characters' formula". The article has two conclusions: first, reasonable intermediate combinations made people in the "19 Ancient poems" having successful personal characters. Second, uncertainties of human emotions appear due to the opposition of dual personalities.
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