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Title: 層次邏輯與意象(思維)系統
Authors: 陳滿銘
Issue Date: Mar-2008
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 邏輯層次,通常都由多樣的「二元對待」為基礎,經「移位與轉位」之過程與「『多』、『二』、『一(0)』螺旋結構」之終極統合,形成其完整系統;這可由《周易》與《老子》等哲學典籍中找出它的理論根源。而由於它們全以意象(思維)為內容,因此也就蘊涵了意象(思維)系統在內。
The logical gradation, based on diverse “binary treatments”, is integrated into the “multiple, binary, and unitary (zero)” structure by means of “shift and transfer” to form a complete system. One can find the theoretical origin from ancient Chinese classics such as 《Book of Changes》 and 《Lao Tzu》 since the Chinese philosophies connote images (thoughts) and implies the image (thinking) system in their logical structure.
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