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Title: 唐代詩話、詩格論述詩歌風格之品類與表述方法
Authors: 林淑貞
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 唐代詩話、詩格中,最具特色者有二:一、揭示詩歌創作的體勢結構與門法。二、標示詩歌的風格品類與表述法式。攸關體勢結構之論述是屬於創作論,論者甚夥,且各逞其能地爬梳唐人創作的法式。至於論述風格品類及表述方式者尚無,僅有針對某一特殊詩話或詩格作一詮解。本文基於此,欲重新檢視唐代詩話與詩格作品中,攸關論述風格品類的分品情形及銓評風格的表述方式為何?能否彰顯唐人特殊的審美趣味或觀照詩歌的態度?
There are two significant features features of comments on poetry and poeticizing rules in the Tang Dynasty: 1. Outlining the structures and methods of poeticizing; 2. Presenting the classification of poetic styles and expression. Comments on strucures of poetry are subject to writing theory. There are many articles discussing the writing methods in the Tang Dynasty. On the other hand, we have not seen any comments on the classification of poetic styles or expression. And there are only few interpretations on certain comments of poetry and poeticizing rules. In this article, among those discourses regarding comments and rules of poetry, the writer intends to review the classificantion of poetic styles and expression. Based on these findings, the writer highlights the specific aestheticism of poeple in the Tang Dynasty and their attitude toward poetry.
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