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Title: 略論柳永對悲秋詞的拓展及其情感意蘊
Authors: 黃雅莉
Issue Date: Mar-1997
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 在柳永詞作中約佔百分之三十的六十餘首羈旅行役詞,普遍懷有悲秋孤獨的心情,展現出一個在昇平時代中追求功名利祿而浪跡天涯、四處干謁卻屢屢失望而回的下層文人苦悶的形象,此在柳詞的作品中富有極高的文學價值,也是柳永之所以能在文學史上佔有一席之地的原因所在。這類作品在宋詞的發展上,促使詞境朝縱深的方向作了大跨度的拓展,進一步加強了詞的抒情性能。本文擬對柳永悲秋詞的開拓意義、情感意蘊作一初淺探討,以考察柳詞中所表現的生命特質及藝術感染力。
It is observed that 60 works amounting to 30% of Yung Liu's (柳永) tsu (詞) descriting wandering life were characterized by the lonely spirit, and the image impressed by a disappointed cultured person searching for glorious achievements everywhere in the peaceful era. this unique feature greatly promoted the literary value of his tsu, and made him one of the great man of letters in the history of literature. The style of Yung Liu's tsu in the Sung dynasty (宋朝) singificantly extended the territory of prosody, and enabled tsu to relieve one's emotion. This article intends to examine and evaluate Yung Liu's Autumn Lameting Tsu (秋悲詞) to discover the special quality of life and the artistic affection in his works.
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