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Title: 意義系統的他組織
Authors: 馬清華
Issue Date: Sep-2007
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以感情範疇在概念和意念兩級的語義表達為例,從其「內化、互衍、擬物化推導、功能分化、變化調整、語言普遍性、語言特殊性」等方面入手,論證了言外世界(即物理世界、文化世界、心理世界)對語義表達系統的深刻作用。結論認為,來自言外世界的他組織力量是語義表達系統的形成及複雜多樣化過程的根本原動力,有時也是推動語義表達系統發生變化的動力源。
Proceeding from the aspects of internalization, mutual-derivation, quasiphysical derivation, function division, adjustment, language universality and language particularity, this article proves the profound impact of the worlds outside language (namely, physical world, cultual world and psychological world) for semantic system using the Expression of category of Emotions as a example.
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