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Title: 理想的頓挫與現世的抉擇
Authors: 林宜蓉
Issue Date: Mar-1999
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 本文企圖由人格風貌的角度俯瞰晚明文人畫家陳洪綬的生命全程,掌握其中「社會我」、「理想我」、「現實我」三「我」不一致之矛盾特質,期能開啟陳洪綬無聲詩中隱晦未章的意義底蘊。文中探尋陳洪綬的核心的關懷為何(即所謂「理想我」)?伴隨著核心關懷的理想所輻射外化的追尋過程又如何?遇到不可迴避之困頓挫折時,生命又如何轉向?如何開展出「狂士畫家」的生命型態?以及這樣一類文人畫家型態的歷史意義,在本文中都有詳細的探討。
In this article, the writer intends to delineate the lifestyle of the artist Chen Hung-shou (1599-1652), who presented conflict of character among his social ego, superego and ego. Concentrated on such analysis, the writer discoses the obscure meanings implied in the artist's poetic paintings. What was the artist's main concern (i.e. his "superego")? How did he pursue for his ideal? While enocuntered frustrations, how did he find a new way? How did he develop the lifestyle of an "Bohemina"? The writer has a detailed discussion on the historical meaning for such a literati artist.
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