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Title: 中學教師的教育、健康行為與心理健康徑路模式之驗證
Other Titles: The Path Model Analysis of Schooling,Health Behaviors, and Mental Health for Junior High School Teachers
Authors: 曾永清
Yung-Ching Tseng
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 教育和健康是人力資本兩項非常重要的特徵,許多研究已經發現教育和健康之間具有正向的關條,但是,這種關條的相互影響機制可能相當複雜。本研究利用問卷取得調查資料與結構方程模式,探討中學教師學歷、健康投資行與心理健康狀況三方面的關像。心理健康狀況萃取出積極與消極心理狀態構面,健康行為中選取信度較高的「運動休閒」、「健康食品」、「居家環境」等構面,分別進行統計分析。本研究以臺灣地區中學教師為研究對象,透過自編問卷蒐集中學教師教育、健康行為、心理健康等資料,以SEM估計。研究發現,教師的教育學習會影響其健康行為,健康行為也會影響到其心理健康狀況。中學教師的教育學習是透過健康行為影響心理健康,教育提高了健康行為的效率,因此,教育具有配置效益而無生產效益。此外,健康行為對心理健康其有中介效果。
Education and health are the most important resources of human capital.Education has been found to have a positive effect on various health outcomes,but the patterns of causality on these correlations are likely to be complicated.The purpose of this study was to find the relationships among schooling, health behaviors and mental health. Methods of both survey and structure equation modeling were applied in this study. In the conceptualization of a construct for health, the study had both an active and passive part, and incorporated sport and recreation, nutrition/food and the living environment in measurements for health behaviors.This study was conducted with questionnaires designed based on related empirical studies; the questionnaires were distributed to junior high school teachers in Taiwan. The findings of this study showed that schooling of teachers directly influenced their health behaviors.Additionally, the effects of health behaviors on mental health were shown to be direct ones. These results provide evidence that education affected health outcomes by improving the efficiency of different behaviors, and imply that the allocative efficiency hypothesis may be the primary reason for schooling having an impact on health outcomes. Finally, health behaviors were shown to have mediating effects on mental health situations.
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