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Title: 詮莊與反莊:李磎〈廣廢莊論〉中的莊學詮釋與批判
Other Titles: Interpretation And Opposition to Zhuangzi: The Interpretation And Criticism of Zhuangzi in Li Qi’s “Explication of Feizhuanglun”
Authors: 林明照
Lin, Ming-chao
Issue Date: Sep-2011
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 李磎為晚唐儒者,著作甚豐,其在莊學方面則有一篇〈廣廢莊論〉之作。該文雖以擴充及深化東晉王坦之〈廢莊論〉為題,實則以闡發自身對於莊子思想的詮解及批評為主。李磎的反莊之論,一方面嘗試批評莊子的思維謬誤,同時針對莊子哲學思想的若干主題進行闡論及批評。本文一方面將分析李磎對於莊子思想的詮解以及其反莊的理路;同時也將呈現李磎莊學詮釋的思想背景,包括與荀學、玄學的關係,以及與晚唐儒學之間的聯繫。
Li Qi, a Confucian in late Tang Dynasty, is abundant in writings, one of which is about Zhuangzi called “Explication of Feizhuanglun.” As the titleindicates, the article tries to explicate “Feizhuanglun” of Wang Tanzhi in Jin Dynasty, but actually it’s mainly Li Qi’s authentic interpretation andcriticism of the thought of Zhuangzi. His argument against Zhuangzi goes in two ways; he criticizes the logic in Zhuangzi’s thought first, and at thesame time he also presents his own interpretation and criticism on certain topics in Zhuangzi. As a result, this paper will not only focus on the analyses of Li Qi’s interpretation and his argument against Zhuangzi but also try to present Li Qi’s thinking background behind his interpretation, including the relation to the thought of Xunzi and metaphysics in Weijin Period as well as the relationship between Confucians in late Tang Dynasty.
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