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Title: 台灣清治前期旅遊書寫的文化義蘊
Authors: 林淑慧
Issue Date: Mar-2005
Publisher: 國文學系
Department of Chinese, NTNU
Abstract: 為詮釋臺灣清治前期旅遊書寫的多重文化意涵,本文先試圖論析初期旅遊筆記中的風土認知與想像。再將焦點集中於《裨海紀遊》這部清治前期遊記的代表作,分別從作者的心態投射及情感反應,及此書的表現手法與民情風俗的參照,以探討郁永河的異地記憶。其次,再從旅行巡視書寫中帝國之眼的觀點,分析藍鼎元與黃叔璥的文化場域的位置、敘事者與觀察對象的關係、及理想情境的外顯等方面的意義,並論及朱士玠《小琉球漫誌》南臺灣書寫的特色。最後從中心與邊陲關係的透顯、臺灣原住民文化的再現、臺灣風土書寫的承襲與影響等三大層面,探討旅遊巡視散文的文化功能。
The dissertation represents the multiple cultural connotation of the travel writing during the early-Qing Taiwan. This article will attempt to analyze the cognition and imagination of the natural condition and the social custom in the travel writing. Then the article focuses on Small Sea Travelogue, the representative work of travel writing, to analyze the attitude and sentiment of the author, the expression technique of the prose and the social custom of the places described in the article in order to reveal Yu Yonghe's exotic memory. Lan Dingyuan, Huang Shujing and Zhu Shijie are the authors of another travel writing. Their prose will reveal the viewpoint of the Imperial Eyes from the position of the culture field, the relationship of the writer and the observed people and the appearance of utopia. Finally, the article expounds the culture functions from three aspects, which are the relationship between the center and the periphery, the representation of Taiwan aboriginal culture, and the inheritance and influence of the natural condition and social custom in the travel writing.
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