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Title: 高中動畫藝術教材選擇之評定標準研究
Other Titles: Assessment Criteria Research About How to Choose Animation for Art Instructional Materials in Senior High Schools
Authors: 謝攸青
Yu-Ching Hsieh
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: 國立臺灣師範大學師資培育與就業輔導處
Office of Teacher Education and Career Service
Abstract: 在多元媒體科技發達的時代裡,選擇動畫做為培養學生創造性思維的藝術教材,應該可以是藝術教材中的一個重要選項。然而藝術教師運用何種標準來選擇這類教材,亦直接影響學生學習,本研究目的以培養學生創造性思維為核心,發展藝術教師判斷評定動畫藝術教材等級之標準,並設定評定的規準與方向,期能作為高中藝術教師選擇動畫藝術教材之參考。本研究針對高中階段,從動畫藝術教材的媒體表達、美感形式,以及人文內涵三個藝術教學範疇的特質分析評估教材,基於後現代藝術教育理論,探討培養學生創造性思維與藝術創作之構念,訂定其體的教材評定方向與規準,最後依據此規準,透過一實例小敘述的詮釋判斷分析,評定其動畫藝術教材之品質。
In the contemporary multi-media techno-age, choosing animation as art curriculum materials is a rational approach for cultivating students' creative thinking. However, the standards applied by teachers for choosing their materials will affect students' learning. This essay will explore the criteria for assessing the quality of animation art material for the purpose of cultivating students' creative thinking.For senior high schools, this essay suggests a series of rubrics in a frame of media expression, aesthetic form , and humanities meaning, to give art teachers concrete orientation about judging the quality of art animation when they consider it for art material. At the same time, the elements of creative thinking and art creation are probed by the theories of postmodernism and art education. Moreover, we also assess the art material by the approach of narrative interpretation following these rubrics in the frame of the above three areas.
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