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Title: 「同理反應情境式量表」之編製與信放度檢驗
Other Titles: The Development of the Situational Scale of Empathetic Responses
Authors: 程景琳 廖小雯
Ching-Ling Cheng Hsiao-Wen Liao
Issue Date: Dec-2013
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 同理心是指個體對於他人的不幸,在設想、對方遭遇後,對其產生同理相關之情感及行為的反應歷程。本研究之目的在發展以人際脈絡為判斷依據之同理心量表,籍以測量青少年在互動情境中,反映於情感與行為反應陶度的同理傾肉。本研究先以155位國中生進行預試量表的施測,根據項目分析的結果,界定出包含兩個故事情境、共24題的正式量表內容。再以三組國中生樣本,進行「同理反應情境式量表」之信度與效度檢驗。其中,信度分析結果顯示,本量表具有良好的內部致性及再測信度;由因素分析結果可知,「情感反應」向度符合兩預期因素同情感受與個人憂惱,行為反應」向度亦符合兩預期因素幫助受害者反應與攻擊加害者反應,分析結果也顯示,同理反應情境式量表」具有區辨效度與效標關聯效度。另外,本研究初步發現,同理心可視為由同理情感反應而致同理行為反應之過程;迴歸分析結果顯示,個人憂惱可能藉由同情感受而影響幫助反應,而個人憂惱與同情感受之交互作用,對於攻擊加害者反應有正向預測力。最後,並提供未來研究及量表應用之建議。
Empathy refers to the responsiveness of one individual to another' s emotional states. The purpose of the study was to develop a situation-based scale of empathy consisted of affective and behavioral responses. The pilot sample was 155 junior-high-school students. Based on the results of item analysis, the final version of Situational Scale of Empathetic Response (SSER), with 2 scenarios and 24 items, was decided. Three groups of participants were used for examining the psychometric quality of SSER. The internal consistency and test-retest reliability of SSER were satisfactory. The results of factor analysis demonstrated that expected factors could be retrieved from the subscales of affective responses and behavioral responses, respectively. In addition,the findings suggest that empathy is presented in a process of affective-behavioral responses. The results of regression analyses indicated that personal distress might influence helping responses through empathetic concem, and the interaction of personal distress and empathetic concern might positively predict aggressive responses. Overall, psychometric evaluation demonstrated that SSER is statistically reliable and valid. Suggestions for future research and application implication were provided
Other Identifiers: 56A198A6-F5D3-E5B1-4528-477D92C05B2B
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