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Title: 臺日藥物濫用預防策略之比較
Other Titles: The Comparison of Drug Abuse Prevention Strategies between Taiwan and Japan
Authors: 張伶嘉
Issue Date: Dec-2008
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 本文闡述並比較:1.臺日藥物濫用預防策略;2.臺日藥物濫用預防教育活動。運用 Bereday比較教育研究模式。研究結果:1.台灣藥物濫用預防策略為減少供應、需求與傷害,日本藥物濫用預防策略為切斷供應與根絕需求;2.台灣反毒 工作內容分為緝毒、拒毒、戒毒、防毒,日本則分為法律、教育與醫療;3.成癮藥物法規最重刑罰部份,台灣為死刑或無期徒刑併科一千萬元以下罰金;日本為無 期徒刑,無死刑;4.臺日兩國預防教育活動均採多元活潑方式且各具特色。建議建立整合藥物濫用預防機構之最高專責單位、加強藥物濫用教育師資之培育、健全 藥物濫用預防教育講師證照制度、加強大專院校與中輟生藥物濫用預防教育、輔導成立全國性藥物濫用預防民間組織。
This paper mainly focuses on and compares: (1) Drug abuse prevention strategies between Taiwan and Japan; (2)Drug abuse prevention campaigns between Taiwan and Japan. The method takes use of the documentation analysis and interviews by applying the comparative educational research model of Bereday. It includes description, explanation, juxtaposition and comparison. The study results shows: (1) Drug abuse prevention strategy mainly focuses on decreasing supply, needs and harm in Taiwan, whereas it is cutting supply and exterminating needs in Japan. (2) The antidrug campaigns include seizing, refusing, avoiding and preventing in Taiwan, whereas it is working from the aspects of laws, education and medical in Japan. (3) As for the most severe law punishments in the laws of drug addiction, it is death penalty or life imprisonment with the fine of less than NT10 million dollars in Taiwan, whereas there is no death penalty but life imprisonment in Japan. (4) Both Taiwan and Japan in the campaigns of prevention education are the Multi-diversity and vivid characteristics, it is recommended that to establish the prime administration organization to integrate the strategies of the drug abuse prevention, as well as strengthen teaching qualification and lecturer. Besides, it is recommended that the education for the university students and dropouts should be guided, assisted and integrated to help set up national nongovernment drug abuse prevention organization. It is to understand the characteristics and creativities of the drug abuse prevention strategies between Taiwan and Japan. It is hoped to provide experience references for other countries and raise the drug abuse prevention effects to follow the trend nowadays.
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