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Title: 國民小學健康促進學校推動團隊推動現況及團體效能影響因素之探討
Other Titles: A Study of Health Promoting Woekteams' Group Efficacy and Related Factors in Taiwanese Elementary Schools
Authors: 晏涵文
Issue Date: Jun-2009
Publisher: 國立台灣師範大學健康促進與衛生教育學系
Department of Health Promotion and Health Education National Taiwan Normal University
Abstract: 目標:本研究之目的在探討國民小學健康促進學校推動團隊對團體效能影響之因素。方法: 採橫斷性調查,以96年度參與健康促進學校之518所國民小學的健康促進學校推動團隊為母群體,依據區域與班級數大小進行分層隨機抽樣,共計發出26 所,497份問卷,共回收468份有效問卷進行分析,有效回收率達86.32%。結果:經ANOVA分析結果顯示,「94或95年度核定為健康促進學 校」、「成員參與程度高」與「各校推動成員數在21-30人」之研究對象,其在個人因素、組織因素、資源因素、互動過程及團體效能上均有較高的平均值且達 顯著差異(p<.001)。輸入因素(個人因素、組織因素、資源因素)對於依變項團體效能產生直接的影響,解釋力為52.8%,加入過程因素(團體 互動過程)其對於依變項的解釋力增加至67.3%(F=179.318, p=.000),均達顯著水準。結論:健康促進學校推動團隊的組織因素及資源因素透過團體互動過程對團體效能產生顯著的影響。未來在推動健康促進學校團體 效能的成效輔導或介入上,應以團體互動過程為主軸,並加入組織因素及資源因素之內容,以達健康促進學校團隊之整體效能。
The aim of this study is to explore the influences factors of health promoting workteam's collective efficacy of all elementary schools in Taiwan. The probability proportional sampling according various school sizes was used in this study to select faculty from all health promoting schools participated in 2007. 497 questionnaires were distributed in 26 selected schools and 468 questionnaires were returned with a response rate of 86.32%. Finally, 468 valid questionnaires were used in further analysis. The results have showed that input factors (individual factor, organizational factor, resources factor) indirectly related to collective efficacy through process factor (group interaction) and process factor directly related to collective efficacy. There were significant predictors for collective efficacy, accounting 67.3% variances. Only input factor were significant predictors for collective efficacy, accounting 52.8% variances. We hope the result can be the reference for schools to establish health polices and to develop action plan to cooperatively resolve the health problem.
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