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Title: 資源社區的產業轉型
Other Titles: Industrial Transition of Resource Community: 4 Cases Analysis in Taiwan
Authors: 梁炳琨
Issue Date: Nov-2009
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文主要探討臺灣資源社區產業轉型的取向;並且嘗試建立資源社區產業轉型的分析架構。選取嘉義縣阿里山鄉山美村、彰化縣田尾鄉、台東縣池上鄉和台中市大坑風景區作爲研究分析個案。外在壓力與地方過濾、地方內外連結、生產與消費連結三者,是研究資源社區產業轉型的重要取向。本文研究有3點發現:首先,啟動資源社區產業轉型的壓力是多元空間尺度,包含全球、國家的外在壓力,與社區的內在壓力。其次,資源社區轉型的產業型態多樣化,包含單一既有資源產業(池上社區的米食品質)、新資源產業(山美社區的觀光業和茶產業)和延長的多元資源產業(田尾社區、大坑社區的農作生產、餐飲、休閒等)。最後,初擬資源社區產業轉型的分析架構,強調多元空間尺度壓力啟動資源社區產業轉型;地方內外連結與生產消費連結兩個取向,彼此互補帶動社區產業轉型;資源產業轉型產生地方或產品改變的雙向關係。
This study explores industry transition approach of resource communities in Taiwan, and trying to establish analytical framework of industry transition of resource communities. These 4 cases study are Saviki village, Tien-Wei township, Chin-Shang township and Taken scenic area. Pressure and spatial filter, articulation between local and extra-local, articulation between production and consumption are important research approaches to industry transition of resource communities. This study discovers 3 points. Firstly, the resource communities industry transition are driven by pressure of multi-spatial scale, including the outside pressure of global and national scale, as well as the inside pressure of community. Secondly, there are various resource industries patterns of the transition of resource communities, including one old resource industry (quality rice industry of Chin-Shang community), new resource industry (tourism industry of Saviki community) and extended multi-resources industries (leisure agriculture of Tien-Wei and Taken community). Lastly, the analytical framework of industry transition of resource communities includes 3 points. 1、Pressure of multi-spatial scale initiates resource industry transition. 2、Resource industry is transited by complementary and synergetic relationship from articulation between local and extra-local, articulation between production and consumption two research approaches. 3、Resource industry transition makes local or products change.
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