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Title: 大屯火山西南坡面地下水流動體系與水資源利用之研究
Authors: 吳素蓮
Issue Date: Oct-1994
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: This article is focused on a hydrological study of groundwater flow system and water resource utilization on mountain slope. The study area locates in southwestern slope of Ta-tun Volcano. Based on the information from collected hydro-environment date, field study and questionnaire, conclusive points are sunnarized as following.1. A spring zone of 28 distributes in the study area between 60m and 240m contours. The outflow amound is estimated about 10 CMD to 105 CMD, while water temperature is about 22°C all year round. The value of electrical conductance is from 140μs/cm to 265μs/cm, in where the factory-polluted estuary is higher.2. The springs lie on a north-south flow system. Most of groundwater rechange deponds on the Ta-tun stream and Gong-sy-tyan stream (公司田溪) groundwater level is strongly in luenced by local precipitation.3. The common location of spring is neap two interface between two formation of volcanic rock with different permeability. 4. According to discharging processes, spring water can be classified into fracture flow system and local flow system.5. The result of questionnaire survey indicates that the situation of water use for both household and agriculture depends highly on hydrological environment.6. The recharge area and recharge rate to the aquifer are decreasing. It might be caused by the extansion of impermeable land surface, by the extension of impermeable land surface, Like residential landuse. Thus, to protect groundwater resources and maintain permanent utilization are recommended.
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