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Title: 新竹平原沿海地區生態環境的變遷與居民維生方式的轉變
Authors: 韋煙灶
Issue Date: Nov-1998
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: The coastal area of Hsinchu plain locates in the periphery ofagricultural land-use. The coastal type of the area belongs to liman coast, thatcombines lagoons with offshore bars and spits. In general, there are richbiomass in the ecological region of lagoons. They offer multiple opportunitiesfor the inhabitant living in study area to develop their various sustainingstyles. These sustaining styles included fishery of alongshore, cultivation ofoyster, shells gathering, saline making and port charges and so on.Bacause more and more lagoons, offshore bar and spits became tidal flat in studyarea, the sustaining styles had been changed from marine to land by degree. Atsame time, the carrying capacity of cultivated land rises gradually. Owing tothe various and highly productive water district, the increasing gradually tidalflat and the rise of carrying capacity of land, even though over-populationresulted from overloading of cultivated land the lineage clans could be stilllast and more prosperous than ever.
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