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Title: 台灣沿山地區檳榔業的生產空間與社會
Other Titles: The Production Space and Society of Betel Nuts along Hillside Taiwan: A Case Study of Chongpu Township, Chiayi
Authors: 凃函君
Issue Date: May-2010
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 頗具台灣俗民生活特色的檳榔業,是帶動許多人力投入產銷活動的產業。檳榔產業在台灣各地因檳榔產期的異同、產區生產經濟活動的互通有無、上游至下游的產銷活動等,遂產生水平與垂直的跨區域連結。本研究選擇全台最早設立菁仔操盤組織的鄉鎮一嘉義縣中埔鄉,作為個案研究區,說明檳榔業的生產空間建立在檳榔生物自然生產的韻律與經濟交易的社會關係運作之上。中埔鄉的檳榔業歷史悠久,歷年檳榔栽植面積冠各鄉鎮之首,並且中埔鄉在台灣大規模消費菁仔之初即發展出一套產銷體系與調度網絡,是少數全程見證台灣檳榔業興衰的鄉鎮。中埔鄉檳榔業的發展體現台灣治山地區檳榔業的空間與社會,以及檳榔業與地方金融業、運輸業的互利共生關係。
Considered as one of the unique features of Taiwan, betel nut consumption is popular for decades. Betel nut production and retailing support many people's livelihood. The harvesting period of and quality of betel nuts is different among various parts of Taiwan. Due to such timing difference, distinctive social relations exit among the supply and demand of betel nuts. The production of betel nuts generates vertical and horizontal links among different production areas. The present study chooses Chongpu, which was the first to establish a price-regulating organization of betel nuts in Taiwan, as a case study. It illustrates that the production space of betel nut industry is based on rhythm of biological nature and social relation of economical trade. Betel nut industry in Chongpu Township has a long history. Its planted area has been the biggest among all betel nut townships over the years. Chongpu has developed a specific type of production system and interflow network in the early stage of large-scale betel nut consumption. Chongpu is one of the few townships which witnessed the rise and fall of betel nut industry in Taiwan. Also important is the sort of mutually beneficial relations among betel nut farmers, traders, financial sectors and transporters. To view such beneficial and social relations from a critical perspective, we probe into the manipulating relations of a livelihood system.
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