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Title: 臺北市地下街的空間區位與消費者行為
Other Titles: Spatial Location and Consumer's Behavior of the Underground Shopping Center in Taipei City
Authors: 林顯榕
Issue Date: May-2005
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文以臺北市的地下街為研究主題,進行空間分布與區位特色分析,並對營運超過一年之三處地下街進行消費者問卷調查,企圖尋求此一特殊空間的消費者特性與行 為。研究中發現,臺北市地下街的空間分布有四點特色:(1)與都市計畫關係密切;(2)以CBD所在之中正區擁有地下街的密度最高;(3)「與捷運共構」 的地下街比例略高於「與捷運分構」的地下街;(4)以線形(帶狀型)為主。若根據經營規模、交通聚集性、商業環境等指標,則臺北市地下街的區位可分為主都 心型、副都心型及社區中心型三種型態。基本上,地下街的規模應根據其所在的區位而有等級之別,但目前臺北市地下街的區位及其規模之間並無明顯相關。 此外,從地下街消費者的問卷調查中發現:地下街適合販售年輕、流行、以女性需求為主的商品,且單價不宜過高,並應有較多餐飲類的店舖,如此才能切中主力消 費族群的需求。但目前臺北市各地下街在供給面的部分明顯不足,造成此一新興的消費空間尚無法完全進入軌道,更遑論對原有商業空間造成影響或衝擊。
The purpose of this paper is to investigate the spatial distribution, location characteristics of Taipei's USC's. Besides, in order to find out the characteristics and behavior of consumers in this special space, we observe the three USC's which have run over one year, collect questionnaires filled out by consumers. The results of this research can be summarized as follows: the spatial distributions of Taipei's USC's share four characteristics. First of all, they have close relation to the urban development plan. Next, the location of the highest USC density is situated in Zhong Zheng District (中正區), which is also the CBD of Taipei. Third, the proportion of the USC's "associated with MRTS" is higher than that of the USC'S "dissociated from MARTS." Forth, most of them are in the shape of ribbon development. When the managerial scale, traffic gathering and commercial environment are taken into consideration, the locations of Taipei's USC's fall into three categories: the main urban center, the secondary urban center and the community center. Basically, the location of a USC is closely related to its scale. However, the schemes of the completed USC's in Taipei didn't follow this principle. In addition, according to the USC consumer survey, we found: the mechandise had better to be youthful, fashionable and more suitable for women; the mechandise price shouldn't be too high; and there should be more stores for restaurants and teashops. That is what most of the consumer's want. But the supply of the USC's in Taipei at present isn't able to meet the demand. Therefore the rising consumptive space neither operates by its rule nor impacts the existent commercial space.
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