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Title: 環境新聞的報導內容及其時空特性
Authors: 黃朝恩
Issue Date: Nov-1998
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 透過新聞內容報導的分析,本研究檢視了臺灣地區1986至1995年之間有關環境議題的報導內容和時空特色。研究中發現,新聞報導中有關環境議題的內容有著日漸增加的情形,並在 1994 年達到最高峰。此一情況同時反映出污染事件和災害事件數目的增加和大眾對環境問題的日益注意。除此之外,本研究也就新聞文體、認知層面、報導篇幅和個別內容的時間變遷進行探討,以期掌握該段期間的環境新聞報導趨勢。最後,本研究再深入分析了上述環境議題報導內容的空間分布特色,發現大多數環境議題的報導均以大臺北地區最集中,說明了大都會區確實有著較劇烈的環境衝擊,但不同類別的環境問題,常有著在不同區位發生或集中的傾向。上述發現不僅可以讓大家對臺灣地區環境問題的時空變化和地理意涵多增加一分了解,也可以給日後的環境新聞報導提供有用的參考。
Based on the analysis of content coverage of newspapers, this study wasconducted to measure trends of the coverage of environmental issues in Taiwanduring 1986-1995. Their time-space pattern and geographical implication werealso discussed. It was first discovered that the coverage of environmentalissues had been increasing steadily reaching a peak at 1994. This reflected boththe degradation of the natural environment and the increasing concern of thepublic as well. In addition, the study then analyzed the reported formats, thecognitive modes, the overall size, and the temporal change of individual eventsof the news in order to understand the tendencies of environmental issuesreported. Finally, the study had attempted to investigate the spatial variationof the related events. In general, most events were highly concentrated inTaipei and Kaohsiung Area, revealing that metropolitan areas are more vulnerableand feeble in terms of environmental impact. However, different types ofenvironmental problems had shown different spatial distribution and stronggeographical implication. All these findings may not only build up our knowledgeon the environmental change of Taiwan, but may also provide useful reference forfuture improvement of environmental news reporting.
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