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Title: 美育的發展與地理教材的設計
Authors: 陳國川
Issue Date: Oct-1994
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: Through the historical viewpoint, this paper is to study the formation of esthetic education concept and to discuss the content of the beauty and the mental process to develope the esthetic intelligence. According to the result of this discussion, three principles helpful for the development of esthetic education in the design of geographic subject-matter for public junior high school are proposed as follow:1. The subject-matter is designed by means of connecting the geographic knowledge and the literatural specialty in order to enable students, in the course of learning the geographic knowledge or technique, to sence the existence of beauty as well as to excite their imagination and felling of beauty.2. On the design of subject-matter, all geographic knowledge should be concretize as possibly in order to couse students' sensation of beauty, to prompt their imagination of beauty, and to cultivate their felling of beauty. 3. For the design of geographic subject-matter, opportunities of practical observation in the field or image observation in the room should be provided as much as possible in order to enable students, through the concrete image contact, to cultivate their ability of esthetic experience and promote their experience of esthetic sence from the beauty of nature and human.
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