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Title: 以永續空間及挹注財務觀點建立捷運車站土地開發機制之研究:區段徵收制度為軸之詮釋
Other Titles: A Study of Land Development Mechanism Incorporated with MRT Station Based on the Perspective of Sustainable Spatial Structure and Financial Cost: An Interpretation Based on the Zone Expropriation
Authors: 簡龍鳳
Lung-Feng Chien
Tsung-Yu Lai
Issue Date: May-2012
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 都會邊緣捷運場站具有加速其毗鄰土地開發時序的效果,倘若未將捷運場站及其毗鄰土地納入整體規劃,恐誘發蔓延發展,影響土地利用效率及公共資源合理之配置。再者,捷運建設成本龐大且回收期長,大部分建設經費係透過政府財政支出,但回收資金多僅以票箱收入及附屬事業收入,具有相當大之財務缺口,影響政府財政資源有效配置。基於「以大眾運輸導向發展理念形塑空間結構」與「將捷運建設外部效益內部化挹注建設財務」之原則,本文首先,建構永續空間結構與大眾運輸間相互聯結之論點;其次,探究永續空間觀點下之區段徵收開發機制;再者,建構挹注財務觀點下之區段徵收財務機制;最後,研擬區段徵收開發規模暨財務整合機制,期能作為政府辦理都會邊緣捷運場站土地開發之參考。
The MRT station located at the edge of metropolitan area will have the effect to accelerate its adjacent land development. If the development of MRT station is not incorporated with the adjacent land into overall planning, it will induce the sprawling development and affect the efficiency of land use and the reasonable distribution of public resources. Moreover, the cost of MRT construction is huge and has the attribution of longer payback period. Most of the construction budgets are financed through the government expenditure. However, the recoverable funds were only come from the fare income and revenue of affiliated businesses. It will cause the financial deficit and affect the efficient distribution of government financial resource. Based on the principle of Transit-Oriented Development and internalization of external benefits of MRT construction, the issue between sustainable spatial structure and mass transportation was first developed. Second, the land development mechanism of zone expropriation was discussed from the viewpoint of sustainable spatial structure. Then, the financial mechanism was established from the financial point of view. Finally, the zone expropriation mechanism of land developing scale was integrated into the financial aspect. In the future, the integrated mechanism could be referable by government when developing the land around MRT station located at the edge of metropolitan area.
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