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Title: 彰化永靖及埔心地區閩客族群裔的空間分布特色之研究
Other Titles: The Characteristics of Spatial distribution of The Hakka and Southern Min's Descendants in Yongjing and Puxin Region, Changhua County
Authors: 韋煙灶
Yen-Tsao Wei
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究採取田野調查、文獻分析與地圖分析並行方式,利用閩、客式地名詞所繪製的原鄉閩客歷史方言圖,將文獻及田野訪查到的永靖及埔心的世居家族祖籍放到此歷史方言區圖中,藉以推斷永靖地區各世居家族的族群歸屬,並進而統計各族群及社群的人口比例及分布特色。研究區世居家族的祖籍均頗為分散,但以饒平籍為多,但祖籍屬饒平的閩南族群與客家族群比例相當,由於某些研究者偏向將饒平籍移民均歸饒平客,可能造成後續諸多研究推論的誤解。語言隔閡、省籍意識和族群意識衝突,使永靖及埔心在歷史進程中,分類械鬥頻仍。隨著時間的演進,彰化平原東南部屬於漳州閩南族群裔佔優勢的區域,使得相對弱勢的客家族群裔趨於福老化,族群意識也隨之轉化;由於研究區饒平世居家族數居優勢,使得其口音雖偏漳州口音但表現出潮汕話的特點。此一人文地理特色發現的學術意義,不僅可用於臺灣語言研究的解釋上,更重要的是有助於釐清研究區歷史上的閩、客族群互動關係。
The methods of this study include: field work, literature and map analyses. Compared with the typical place names between Hakka and Southern Min in atlases, and designed the historical dialect region map of Hakka and Southern Min. Then put the native patriarchal clan samples in Yongjing & Puxin region onto the historical dialect region map. Inferred ethnic group attribution of those native patriarchal clan samples, and then counted the proportion of people and explain the spatial distribution characteristics among those ethnic groups and subgroups. The ancestral homes of those native patriarchal clan samples in Yongjing & Punxin region are somewhat dispersals, but they mostly belong to Raoping County. In most areas (in the southern) of Raoping county belong to Southern Min region, and only few areas (in the northern) belong to Hakka region. But some researchers treated the native patriarchal clans of Raoping offspring in Yongjing & Punsxin as Hakka. The viewpoint would make some mistakes in follow-up. Language barrier and conflict with ethnic consciousness led to categoryfights between the ethnic groups in historical process. With the move of time, owing to the relatively minority in numbers, the mother tongue of Hakka turned into Southern Min, and along with the ethnic consciousness to be converted. In Yongjing & Punsxin region, owing to the dominant of Raoping offspring, resulted in the mother tongue of them showing obviously characteristics of Chaoshan. The discovery of human geographical feature in academic significance is not only in Taiwan language research, but in the research ethnic group's interaction between Hakka and Southern Min in historical process.
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