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Title: 東南亞
Other Titles: Southeast Asia: Toponomic Change and Geographical Demarcation
Authors: 康培德
Issue Date: May-2008
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文嘗試透過官方、學術界等出版品,討論東南亞的地名變遷與區劃程過。文章重點在了解東南亞地區係如何形成,其組成係如何變化,及其背後的意涵如何。文章 論及的相關地名有「南洋」、「赤道遠東」、「赤道亞洲」、「印度遠方」、「印度支那」、「東印度」、「亞洲東南」、「太平洋西南」等詞;而與東南亞區劃產 生爭議的地區有菲律賓、緬甸、臺灣、錫蘭、印度半島等地。文章認為東南亞的命名與區劃為一空間的文化政治,反映出不同人群文化、甚至學科主體的立場、位置 與需求。
The article spotlights both the toponomic change geographical demarcation of Southeast Asia through the governmental and the academic publications as well. It focuses on the formation of Southeast Asia, the dynamics of its composition, as well as the associated meanings behind the alternations. The discussed place names include Nan-yang, Tropical Far East, Tropical Asia, Further India, Indo-china, East India, Southeastern Asia, Southwestern Pacific and so on, whereas the disputed areas consist of the Philippines, Burma, Taiwan, Ceylon, Indian subcontinent etc. The article regards the nature of both naming and demarcating of Southeast Asia as the cultural politics on space, in which it reveals the attitudes, positions and needs of various group of peoples, cultures, and even academic disciplines as well.
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