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Title: 洛杉磯大都會一個市郊聚落演化之探討
Other Titles: The Process of Social and Economic Changes in Cerrotis: A Suburban City within Los Angeles Mettropolis
Authors: 孟靜
Issue Date: Mar-1988
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: Metrepolitan system is the main spatial organization of human society its structural function will operate the efficiency of spatial management the intensity of spatial complemen?tary and the suitable use of spatial resources. Usually, the central city with the diffusion of transportation network will spread outward constantly, finally, the central city and its suburbs combine into a large-scale integrated social-economic unit. It is necessary to consider the process of changes in human environment and social organization occuring around central cities and to focus on the independent outlying communities which are growing rapidly. Cerritos is the fastest growing city of the 98 cities in Los Angeles County since 1970, this city established itself as a master-planned community, up to now, it has already become one of the well-developed community and a diversified human society. Cerritos is just located in the heart of Los Angeles Metropolis, it takes advantage of the access of high integration of transportation network (freeways and their interchanges) to travel hundreds of point in LA Metropolis within half an hour. Due to high accessibity and a lot of vacant lands, during 1969 and 1973, there were 13,626 new houses built, extremely in1970-71, the buildings were up to 6,190 which accounted for 70% of Los Angeles County total new single-family houses in same years. Under the guideline of master plans, Cerritos has developed a basically residential community balanced with commercial and industrial facilities. The City keeps a strict land zoining of economic activity, rather large-scale shopping center than business strip. In benefit of well-developed public service and place utility, so a great deal of population and business moved in. Noticeably, its overall taxable retail sales was $1.5 billion in 1985, which is the second highest of 85 Los Angeles county cities. In the recent 10 years, the social structure of Cerritos has changed rapidly,
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