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Title: 利用自願性地理資訊培養學童的地方感:從苗栗小學生得到的經驗
Other Titles: Developing Children's Sense of Place through Volunteered Geographic Information: Lessons Learned from the Pupils in Miaoli County
Authors: 陳哲銘
Che-Ming Chen
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 激發學童對自己家鄉的認同與情感是地理教育重要的目標之一,尤其在受到全球化影響下的鄉村地區,培養地方感更形重要。本研究邀請苗栗銅鑼與西湖國小中高年級各一個班級的學童來為當地的興趣點拍攝相片,以Google Panoramio 網路相簿作為資料平台,讓學童透過具有地理註記的相片來分享他們在地生活的經驗。本研究期望由他們眼中所看到值得欣賞與介紹的在地景點,能反映出有別於成年人想法的生活世界,同時也透過問卷量表來評估利用自願性地理資訊的教學活動是否有助提升學童的地方感。本研究的成果發表在Google 的網路相簿Panoramio,以孩童的眼光在銅鑼鄉和西湖鄉增加100多張景點相片與介紹資料,豐富了在地的旅遊景點資訊;也以台灣的個案具體回應了Bartoschek和Keßler (2012)對地理教育應加強VGI 教學應用的呼籲;並從個案經驗中學到如何更有效利用VGI 來提升學童的地方感。
Stimulating the recognition and emotion of the children's hometown is one of the major goals of geographical education. Developing a sense of place is even more important in the rural areas under the impact of globalization. In this study, we invited two classes of 4th or 5th grade students from the Tongluo and Shihwu Elementary School in Miaoli County to take the pictures of local points of interest. Google Panoramio is served as the information platform for students to share their local life experiences through the geotagged photos. From their perspectives, we expect to see the local attractions which will reflect the world of their daily life different from the adult. We also evaluated the effectiveness of using volunteered geographic information (VGI) to enhance students' sense of place.This project contributed more than 100 digital photos with comments into the Google Panoramio in the Tongluo and Shihwu Township, and enriched the local travel information by the children. We provided one more case study from Taiwan in response to Bartoschek and Keßler's (2012) appeal that geographic education should have more applications on VGI. From this case study, we also learned how to improve the effectiveness of applying VGI to promote children's sense of place.
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