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Title: 嘉義地區活斷層之地形學研究
Other Titles: A Geomorphological Study of Active Faults in Chiayi Area, Southwestern Taiwan
Authors: 楊貴三
Issue Date: May-2005
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究利用航照判讀、野外實察等方法,檢視嘉義地區地形面與活斷層的分布及特徵,依地形特徵及斷層露頭等,決定活斷層的確實度,並研判活斷層與地形面的關係,以推論地形的演育。研究成果如下: 1. 嘉義地區地形面以高度為主對比所得之階序,與土壤化育程度之序列相吻合。 2. 本區活斷層相關地形面,牛稠溪以北具紅壤的高位階地LT1~LT5及無紅壤的低位階地FT1~FT4等共九段地形面;此外大湖口、華興、三疊和牛稠等溪上游於九芎坑斷層的上盤以及觸口斷層的下盤之間,分布許多狹長小低位階地面,可能為土石流沖積扇階地。八掌溪階地發達,具高位四階,低位五階。 3. 梅山斷層僅能辨認出八段線形,具斷層崖、撓曲崖、斷層線谷等地形。 4. 九芎坑斷層變位地形明顯,在永興社區、隘寮與竹崎截切低位河階與現代沖積層,其活動頗為活躍。斷層的隆起側形成壓力脊,致使河流轉向。 5. 後莊斷層截切八掌溪LT3河階面,此斷層可能為嘉義盲斷層在地表出露之一段。
Using airphoto interpretation and field investigation, the active faults are recognized in southwestern Taiwan. They distributed in foothill between Hai-feng-lun river to Pa-chang river. The active faults including Meishan fault, Chiuchiungkeng fault, Houchuang fault, Tutikungchiting fault and Tapumei fault are examined. The morphology such as fault scarp, flexural scarp and lineaments are significant. Most of faults have certainty Ⅰand Ⅱ.
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