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Title: 宜蘭海岸地區永續發展綜合評估與策略規劃之研究
Other Titles: Comprehensive Evaluation and Strategic Planning for Sustainable Development in the Yilan Coastal Area
Authors: 廖學誠 陳宛君 莊永忠
Shyue-Cherng Liaw
Wan-Jiun Chen
Yung-Chung Chuang
Issue Date: Nov-2011
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本研究以宜蘭海岸地區作為研究對象,透過文獻回顧及專家諮詢,選取適宜的永續發展評估指標,並應用層級分析法,經由專家問卷以計算指標的權重,另外,本研究也針對當地居民進行問卷調查,綜合評估宜蘭海岸地區永續發展的成效,並根據綜合評估結果,提出研究區永續發展的策略規劃。研究結果顯示,經專家問卷調查分析後,以生態保育的權重值最高(0.414),其次依序為社會文化(0.238)、經營管理(0.228)及經濟產業(0.121)。另外,經當地居民問卷調查綜合評估後得知,以社會文化面向較好(6.37),其次為生態保育(6.24),再其次為經營管理(5.97),分數最低為經濟產業(5.37)。本研究進一步研擬宜蘭海岸地區永續發展的策略規劃,包括三大面向:(1)落實生態保育、發展觀光產業;(2)持續社區營造、創造文化經濟;(3)協同永續治理、加強民眾參與。
The study area of this research is located in the Yilan coastal area. Based on the literature review and experts’ consultation, some suitable indicators of sustainable development are selected. The Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is applied to calculate the indicator weights through the experts’ questionnaires. In addition, the local residents’ questionnaires are conducted in order to evaluate the situations of sustainable development and to provide strategic planning in the study area. Results show that the weighted value of ecological conservation is highest (0.414) based on experts’ questionnaire, and social culture (0.238), management (0.228) and economic industry (0.121) are following. Moreover, after the comprehensive evaluation by local residents’ questionnaire, the outcome of social culture dimension (6.37) is highest, and the ecological conservation dimension (6.24), management dimension (5.97) and economic industry dimension (5.37) are following. Finally, we provide the strategic planning for the sustainable development in the study area, including three strategies: (1) implementing ecological conservation and developing tourism industry; (2) continuing community development and creating cultural economics; and (3) collaborating sustainable governance and strengthening public participation.
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