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Title: 新店丘陵的土地經營(1810-1890)
Other Titles: The Land Managing of Hills in Shin-Dian(1810-1890)
Authors: 張瓊文
Issue Date: May-2002
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文試圖以十八世紀末新店的丘陵土地利用的變遷過程為例,探討在時序脈絡中,區域如何通過社會再生產的體現以及土地資源與國家政策的交互辯證,而持續形塑其社會空間的實質內涵。在外部世界經濟體系的機制與內部國家重商主機的運作之下,新店丘陵因風土條件適宜而發展茶業,並成為市場需求的供應所在地,從而由邊際土地轉化成為可與世界經濟接軌的經濟丘陵。
This essay tries to evaluate the transformation of land use in Shin-Dian hills, which shifted from marginal area to profitable area by growing teas to enter world economy system via political and economic changes within/without Taiwan during late 18th. I take Shin-Dian hills as an example, studying how its idiosyncrasy forms through social reproduction realization, and through mutual influences of those land resource, state policy in the sequence of time.
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