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Title: 地理科戶外環境教學之實驗研究
Authors: 黃朝恩
Issue Date: Mar-1994
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: Geography is concerned with study of man's physical and socio-economic-cultural environment, and direct observations must be made in field. Just as laboratory work is an essential part of science education, fieldwork is a normal, integral and important element of geography education. It can contribute a lot to the building up of geographical literacy. To mention a few: (1)it fosters students' positive attitude towards concern for environment and enhances social awareness; (2)through joint efforts in data collection and analysis, it helps students to realize the importance of critical judgement and group cooperation; (3)it highlights the responsibility of an individual in a combined effort. To our knowledge, field study or outdoor education is not new, but is certainly stressed more by educationalists nowadays. However, most geography teachers in Taiwan are only familiar with the "look -and-see" fieldtrips, which are usually another form of spoon-feeding. Little thinking is involved as far as the students are concerned, and they only have an additional advantage of getting a visual impression as compared to a similar lessonin the classroom. In this connection, the aim of this study is to introduce other ways of field study, namely problem-solving method, hypothesis-testing method, and self-discovery method etc. Worksheets as well as activity manuals are designed and experimented in order to evaluate their feasibility and difficulties. Under such circumstances, this study does not derive from a need to justify the role of fieldwork nor is it a plea for increased expenditure of time and money by schools on only one of many subjects in their curriculum. It is accepted that there are very real problems of timetabling, finance, opposition from individual principals, and a combined lack of enthusiasm on the part of both teachers and students for any erosion of weekend leisure hours. It is intended rather to suggest ways of improving the effectiveness of the limited fieldwo
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