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Title: 現代化發展下西安都市策略的空間批判
Other Titles: A Spatial Critique on Xian's Urban Strategy under Development of the Modernity
Authors: 洪醒漢 
Issue Date: Nov-2008
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 悠久的歷史文化傳統,不僅僅是西安人的驕傲,政府當局更是將這樣的歷史深度視為重要的文化資本。將西安塑造成為世界歷史文化名城,是政府一直以來希望能夠 達成的理想與目標。自中華人民共和國建國以來,儘管每一次的都市發展總體規劃都將古城保護作為一項重要的內容,但環顧西安都市的空間現狀,古城仍然遭到極 大地破壞。這種現象就是本研究的問題意識出發點,希望探究歷史文化在西安的都市空間發展策略中究竟是扮演著什麼樣的角色,政府規劃單位要如何使西安達到其 宣稱世界文化歷史名城的理想目標? 本研究試圖以表徵/再現(representation)的概念作為新都市文化地理學中空間分析的切入觀點,探討在西安都市空間營造過程中,空間的表徵 (如都市規劃)與空間實踐(具體空間建設)之間的落差,並以Representation 的觀點理解與批判都市文化所展現出來的多元性。藉以回應本文的問題意識,理解西安政府當局如何挪用地方的文化資本,以達成經濟發展的目標。因此,儘管政府 不斷地宣稱歷史文化對於都市未來的重要性,同時都市規劃應該是價值中立與工具理性的促使西安向歷史文化名城的腳步邁進,但發展主義的都市空間策略仍然不斷 地在現實中被實踐著。
Being the ancient capital in China, there must be a lot of historical and cultural heritages which were the proud of the Xian. The authority concerned tries to make use of such advantages, creating the city as the famous historical capital around the world. Since 1949, it was quite important to preserve such heritages when making the urban planning, but as we see nowadays, many historical constructions in Xian were destroyed during these years. To realize how the history played the important role during the process of the urban development is the basic issue which will be discussed in this essay. And how will the authority concerned fulfill their goal to rebuild Xian as the most famous historical city of the world? The keyword and the perspectives of this essay is “representation” , which would be the basement of the critical analysis in Urban Culture Geography. It is important to realize the gap between “representation of space” (such as urban planning) and “spatial practice” (such as the constructions and creations of the space), and to interpret the diversity of the modern city with the viewpoint of the “representational space”. By such analysis, this essay tries to understand how the authority concerned applied the culture capitals to match the goal of the economic development. In a word, although the government always declares the importance of the preservation of the heritages, the economical increase still plays the key role in the strategy of the urban development.
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