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Title: 臺灣量販店
Other Titles: Liangfan Stores in Taiwan: A Discussion of New Retail Geography
Authors: 陳佳筠
Issue Date: Nov-2001
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 零售地理學原本關注的焦點為「零售組織」與「區位」,80年代晚期,「新」零售地理學的出現,與整個地理學思維方式的改變有關。文化地理學、行為地理學、政治經濟學…等觀點,都為零售地理的討論,提供更寬廣的面向。 本文主要探討臺灣零售業中的量販店,包括四個議題:第一,量販業在商品鏈中的角色轉變;第二,跨國公司的調適與在地化;第三,土地使用制度的限制與轉向;第四,資金流動。
Changing of the retail geography has received special attention since the late 1980s. "New" retail geography has been influenced by cultural geography, behavioral geography and political-economy perspectives. Based on the concept of new retail geography, the main object of this research is to discuss Liangfang stores in Taiwan. There are four foci: (1)the reconfiguration of commodity chains; (2)the adjustment and localization of multinational corporations (MNCS); (3)the qualitative role of the state; (4)the transformation and flow to retail capital.
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