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Title: 阿蓮區域祭祀圈的空間結構
Other Titles: The Spatial Structure of Religious Sphere in A-Lien Region
Authors: 葉宛錡
Issue Date: Nov-2002
Publisher: 地理學系
Department of Geography, NTNU
Abstract: 本文目的在探究阿蓮區域民間信仰祭祀圈的空間分布、階層與空間結合運作的方式,以及在聚落發展及生產方式變遷的影響下,該地祭祀的演變。綜合研究結果,本區主要可分為角頭、村落、區域性祭祀圈三種,角頭祭祀圈是村落中同姓的結合;村落祭祀圈為同庄或鄰近地緣關係的結合;區域祭祀圈則是地緣或信仰關係的結合。整個阿蓮區域即是以土庫北極殿為中心,透過建醮、刈香、巡境等祭祀活動的進行,各村落村庄及角頭廟的參與所形構而成的社會地域。而在祭祀圈空間結構的變遷上,就其結構外在形式來看,尚未有大規模重組的情形,只是在土庫北極殿區域祭祀圈的結構上,有些鬆動的徵象。但由於外來人口的大量移入、生產方式變遷,加之經濟結構轉變等因素影響,其實質的內涵與意義則已有所不同。
The purpose of this paper is to find out the spatial distribution, stratum and spatial junction operation pattern of the folk religious spheres, as well as the change and evolution of religious spheres under the influence of shifting in settlements development and production modes in A-Lien Region. Concluding the results of research, this region can generally divided into neighborhood(角頭性), village(村落性) and regional(區域性) religious spheres. The neighborhood religious sphere is the junction of same last name in a village. The village religious sphere is junction of same village or neighboring geographical connection. The regional religious sphere is the junction of geographical or faith. The whole A-Lien Region is centered at the Beiji Temple (北極殿) of Tuku(土庫). Through the religious activities of tsoe-chio(做醮), koah-hiong(刈香), sun-keng(巡境) and so on, the participation of temples of village and neighborhood formed a social region. In the shift of spatial structure of religious spheres, the external form of structure, there has been no large scale reorganization, but the religious sphere structure of Beiji Temple(北極殿) of Tuku(土庫) shows signs of lossening. With massive inflow of outside population, changes in production mode, plus the changes in economical structure, the material contents and significance of the religious sphere has experienced changes to certain extent.
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